I think YES, we should set up a demo wiki


2017-04-25 3:27 GMT+02:00 Sam Wilson <sam@samwilson.id.au>:
Hi all,

Should we set up a demonstration wiki?

I'm thinking it might be good to have a wiki to experiment with different
things, such as software requirements. I have been tinkering on a Genealogy
extension, — it's super-basic and doesn't do much. (That's by design, really,
because I didn't want to build features such as citation management or image
handling that are not specific to genealogy.

It's probably not a place to put permanent information (although it could be
that too), but we could install MediaWiki at
https://tools.wmflabs.org/genealogy/wiki and start experimenting with things
there. Does that sound like a worthwhile thing?

My current aim is to get the Genealogy extension to support Wikidata. It'd be
good to have a place to demonstrate and figure out how this could work.


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