Hi all,

Many schools in the United States encourage or require students to perform community service hours, such as by cleaning up parks, caring for the disabled, or tutoring younger students. Sometimes more specialized requirements apply, such as university schools of education or health which may require experience that is applicable to a student's desired coursework. Contributing to Wikimedia is one form of accepted community service in a multi-campus Mexican university, and the practice seems to be gaining momentum (see https://blog.wikimedia.org/2015/04/13/wiki-learning-edit-a-thon-mexico/).

These community service programs are different from in-class assignments that require Wikipedia editing. Wikipedia canĀ  benefit from both kinds of activities.

I am wondering, have other Wikimedia affiliates had success with encouraging students to complete community service requirements by contributing to Wikimedia? I am thinking that here in Cascadia, we might encourage schools to allow this option, and other affiliates also might want to explore this possibility.