On 23 February 2015 at 10:15, Vojtěch Dostál <vojtech.dostal@wikimedia.cz> wrote:
In my opinion, VE will gradually replace the old editor and the new wave of editors will learn to edit using VE, not the old Wiki markup system. It won't just be a copyediting or "small edit" tool.

I think the reality of WYSIWYG systems is that they will always frustrate advanced users. I don't think a time will come when the only wikitext editors are bots. And, after all, looking at the wikitext of how something is done is one good way to learn it.

Ideally, could any of the interested parties state that they intend to write a VisualEditor training (in English) of some sort? Same as Pine, we do not want to wait ages for it - a two months time seems like a reasonable period that we could wait for. If not, we will write it, and hopefully do some translations of our texts into English if you are interested.

It is the sort of thing I would do for the WMUK Virtual Learning Environment, as contract work, since there is a clear lead. But I don't know if they would fund it.