I am contemplating driving to either or both of the Portland, OR & Vancouver, BC edit-a-hons.

  • March 7: Art+Feminism – Portland Art Museum, Noon to 5pm
  • March 8: Art+Feminism – University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 11-5pm

Last September, for Portland's Feminist and Queer Art Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, I drove down the night before & stayed with cousins for the weekend. This time also I would prefer not to drive down & back the same day, but might consider it if there was interest. Ideally folks might arrange a place to crash. It is at least a 3-hour drive to Portland from where I live here in Bothell. I do want to drive home Saturday evening.

The Vancouver edit-a-thon is marginally closer, about 2½ hours from here.Of course, anyone making that journey needs a passport or an enhanced driver's license. I have not crossed the WA-BC border since 1992, so I do not know how long the actual crossing takes.

Anyone interested?