Your gratitude is not decreasingly dubious, good sir. (:

I propose that we simply make the November meetup be at Mako's November 3 session. I anticipate that most of us are available no earlier than about 6, so we could have a panel discussion from 6 to 7ish. We can take up Mako on his dinner offer after class.


On Sep 23, 2014 8:07 PM, "Benj. Mako Hill" <> wrote:

In my day job, I teach at the University of Washington. This quarter,
I'm teaching a class about online communities. The syllabus is here:

As part of the class, I'm trying to get everybody in the class to
learn about Wikipedia and it's, norms, policies, and rules and then
demonstrate this learning by "joining" our community and making a
series of valuable contributions. We're using a lot of the material
that the education program has developed although my goal is a little
more "meta" than usual (i.e., I'm interested in teaching about
Wikipedia as an example of an online community more than I am
concerned about who folks are writing about).

Although I've been around our community long enough that I can play a
pretty convincing Wikipedian, I would love to invite others from
Wikimedia Cascadia in or around Seattle to come visit on either of
these two dates:

1. Monday October 6rd (~5:30-7pm)

We'll be talking quite a bit about their Wikipedia assignments on 10/6
and it might be nice to have another Wikimedian around to help give
some perspective and/or advice. Since we'll be talking about
motivation and incentives, anyone who wants to come along would be
welcome to talk about this as well.

2. November 3rd (430-7pm)

We'll be having a "debrief" about our whole Wikipedia contribution
assignment on this day. I'd love to have as many local Wikipedians as
possible join us!

Send me an email offlist ( if you're interested. In
return, I can offer you dinner and the decreasingly dubiously valuable
gifts of my gratitude and company.


Benjamin Mako Hill

Creativity can be a social contribution, but only in so far
as society is free to use the results. --GNU Manifesto

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