Hi Cascadians,

Let's plan on having our first board meeting on or around the semi-regular Seattle meetup day, which would be Tuesday, January 13.

I was planning to postpone most of my further work on Cascadia until February, but I just learned today that there's a WMF funding deadline that requires us to have our initial budget submitted by the end of January *or* wait until May if we want WMF funding. I'd like to get us underway sooner than May. I apologize for the rush. Today was the first that I heard of the deadline.

Tentative agenda items:

* Bylaws (Peaceray and I have been drafting these; we'll send out a copy soon for public review).
* Officer appointments by the Board.
* Website agreement with Top Level Design
* Program selection and funding for February through July (tentative)
* Startup budget for February through July (tentative). We can submit supplemental requests in May or later. We can also submit requests to WMDC for smaller items, and we can include a relatively large request for reserve funds due to the funding blackout period.)
* Authorization for initial legal registrations, service purchases, and other contracts.
* Additional agenda items forthcoming.

To accommodate board members who are away from Seattle on that date, Mako has graciously agreed to provide us with access to the Internet via UW so that we can video conference.

Let's plan on having a relatively long meeting (maybe 6 PM to 10 PM?) although hopefully we'll move fast enough that we'll be done by 9 PM.

For non-board members: there won't be confidential business at this meeting and you are welcome to attend. Although only Board votes will be counted, your good-faith comments and questions are welcome.

If any board members cannot make that date and time, please let me know. Also, if you plan to attend via phone or Google Hangout, please let me know. Reminder: we will meet at *UW*, not at Cafe Allegro, exact location to be determined; we will also have Google Hangout available so that people can attend remotely.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you!


This is an Encyclopedia
One gateway to the wide garden of knowledge, where lies
The deep rock of our past, in which we must delve
The well of our future,
The clear water we must leave untainted for those who come after us,
The fertile earth, in which truth may grow in bright places, tended by many hands,
And the broad fall of sunshine, warming our first steps toward knowing
how much we do not know.
Catherine Munro