We are aware of the contents of the board's letter. The table accurately reflects the criteria that AffCom reviews before considering a potential chapter, and the board is aware of that (some of them are receiving this as one example). As such, it will not be changed at this time.

All affiliate documentation is in the process of being redone. Once the WUG documentation is completed, we will be updating chapter and thorg documentation.


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I believe that Peaceray was pointing out a documentation problem rather than an issue with the nature of the required approval. The Board said that “All organizations wishing to be recognized as a chapter or thematic organization must first be recognized as … a (not necessarily incorporated) Wikimedia user group for at least two years”. That is different from the table on the page that Peaceray linked which says that chapters should have “Two years of activities prior to applying”.

There does seem to be a trend of inaccurate documentation on Meta. This is not just an issue with Affcom, it's an issue with WMF in general including Finance and Grantmaking. I will discuss the broader issue with Luis. In the meantime, please fix the table that Peaceray referenced.

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