I heard from someone at TA3M that they would like to have a report of our December 15 event for inclusion in TA3M's records. I'm including Cascadia, SURF, and the Wikimedia Foundation on the to and/or bcc lines of this email as well.

* The signup spreadsheet had 30 unique registrations after removing one person who backed out and two duplicate entries, and I counted about 30 people present at the event.

* Affiliations noted on the signup spreadsheet include TA3M Seattle, Cascadia Wikimedians User Group, the University of Washington, Seattle Privacy Coalition, and SURF Incubator.

* We had six speakers. The presentations were about the following subjects:

1. Overview of Surf Incubator
2. Firmware manifesto to OEMs
3. Privacy and Wikipedia Zero
4. Ricochet instant messaging software
5. Lightning photography with free software
6. Overview of the Seattle Privacy Coalition

* We had a roundtable discussion about editing Wikipedia through Tor and open proxies.

* We had more pizza than we needed (:

* Anecdotal reports are that the venue was good, the food was good, the presentations were good, and the networking was good.

* The suggestion has been made that we hold a similar event in December of next year.



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