First, I am not sure what happened with [Wikimedia Cascadia], but there were a number of emails that were delayed until this evening including yours. Forgive us therefore for not responding to you sooner.

Second, others will need to weigh in, but in MHO, I think that the best means would be to have someone come to us _and_ sessions at WikiConf. I think that between edit-a-thons that have been held in Portland, OR, interest in doing edit-a-thons in the Seattle area, & professors at University of Washington who have had students edit Wikipedia as part of the class, I think that there would be more effective to have you come from DC than to have a few of us come from Seattle.

Third, I think that having sessions at WikiConf USA is an excellent idea that would benefit us nationally. From what I hear, it is likely that 2015's WikiConf USA may well be a follow-on to Wiki Education Foundation's efforts. If this is true, I think that training in best practices of workshop facilitation would be a natural fit.


On Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 7:49 AM, Keilana <keilanawiki@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Cascadians!

I've been talking to Pine for the last couple of days about training some of you in the best practices of workshop facilitation. We've been discussing several options for this, including coming to you all, having some of you come to DC for one of our formal sessions, or attending sessions at WikiConf USA. Who would be interested and what format do you think would work for you?

Emily Temple-Wood
Vice President, Wikimedia District of Columbia

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