Depending upon how idiot friendly the server is, and if there is web access, I think I might be able to help set up a wiki. Would Wikimedia be willing to host the site?

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It doesn't have to be a meeting, though I do find that meetings can 
get quite a bit of work done if enough people show up.  To get the 
ball rolling on this project, I have posted my two cents about how 
this site might look at
  and I encourage everyone to go to that page and tell me what you 
think Wikisource Canada should be like.

As for the technical side, I don't know much about how to set up a 
wiki, but I would gladly contribute to paying for some part of the 
bandwidth until the organization get incorporated or can get a grant 
from WMF.  Do you have an estimate of how much it costs per size of 
the size and number of hits?

-Jeffery Nichols (Arctic.gnome)

On 15-Jul-09, at 9:19 PM, Ray Saintonge wrote:

> Jeffery Nichols wrote:
>> If people are interested, I would like to get together in an online
>> meeting to discuss what our first project may be.  I would especially
>> like to hear some ideas from some of the people who say they are
>> interested in WMC but don't want to work on the bylaws.  Before the
>> bylaws can be completed, we need a more specific idea about what we
>> will first do after being established.  I have argued that we should
>> try to set up an online database and gallery of Canadian historical
>> and artistic media, but I would like to hear everyone else's ideas, 
>> as
>> well as discuss the logistics of setting up that kind of website.
>> Would current participants and people who have not yet attended a
>> meeting be interested in chatting for an hour or so next week on the
>> topic?  If so, let me know and I'll set a time.
> Of course, I'm never interested in online meetings.  They are just not
> suited to a ponderous person who often pauses before responding to 
> comments.
> That said, it's important to remember that Wikipedia was active for 
> more
> than three years before WMF was incorporated.  In those earliest years
> Jimbo was footing the bills.
> The online database is a great idea.  What's more important than a
> discussion of possibilities is for individuals to commit to certain
> projects and tasks. It's fair enough to say, "I'm not interested in
> writing by-laws," but at the same time is that person committing to
> something else.  Now it is important for someone to accept personal
> responsibility for setting up the online database.
> Setting up a website is great, and presumably it will employ Mediawiki
> software.  That takes someone to commit to paying for bandwidth,
> starting the site at a technical level, and installing the basic 
> software.
> Using for this is OK by me as the current owner of the
> domain name.  I will raise the point when I'm at Wikimania, and unless
> more constructive ideas are raised there will make it available in
> September to someone who wants to start the website.
> Ec
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