Or someone can fork out $5 and file for Freedom of Information Access on images (if they buy the concept that pictures of politicians are information).

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> Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 10:11:14 -0700
> From: saintonge@telus.net
> To: wikimedia-ca@lists.wikimedia.org
> Subject: Re: [Wikimedia-Canada] A non-bylaw related meeting?
> Jeffery Nichols wrote:
> > I should mention that when we actually start collecting donations we
> > aren't allowed to campaign for any political cause, so we'll have to
> > keep appeals for the government to release of images separate from our
> > charity work.
> > -Jeffery Nichols (Arctic.gnome)
> This proposal doesn't seem particularly political. I assume, of course,
> that all candidates are being treated equally. Approaching government
> departments to obtain information would not be political; lobbying that
> department to implement policy changes likely would. Nothing prevents
> individuals from acting on their own. Amounts that are small in
> proportion to the organization's budget can still be used for some
> political activities. Thus if we saw fit to take a stand on proposed
> copyright legislation it would be likely OK to produce a position paper
> or have someone appear before the relevant committee of Parliament, but
> it might be excessive to pay the expenses for people to come to Ottawa
> to do it.
> One of the duties of the directors will be to review any proposed
> project that might be considered political before approving it as an
> official project of the organization. For anything that crosses the
> line we will need to make clear that no funds of the organization are to
> be spent on that project, and that anyone involving himself in it is
> doing so as an individual.
> Ec
> >
> > On 16-Jul-09, at 2:26 AM, Alan Walker wrote:
> >> I'm not sure if they maintain archives, but I do know getting them to
> >> GPL previously taken photographs would be a lot more difficult than
> >> getting them to release those taken after an election where the
> >> members consented. If we could get them to do this during the next
> >> election it would give everyone a reading where the politicians stood
> >> on the matter. I can't see how we could let public officers get away
> >> with saying no, but until we have this implemented we won't know. Is
> >> there anyone interested in working with me on pursuing this matter?
> >>
> >> 2009/7/15 Ray Saintonge <saintonge@telus.net
> >> <mailto:saintonge@telus.net>>
> >>
> >> Alan Walker wrote:
> >> > I was trying to get the Ontario parliament to release the photos of
> >> > the politicians under a GPL type license. I was able to get some
> >> > traction, but I didn't follow-up with them to ensure it was
> >> > completed. The latest idea was to get the members to choose yes/no
> >> > for a free license when their photos are taken after the next
> >> > election. The queen's printer office agreed this would be a fair
> >> > idea, but I don't think anything happened with it.
> >> >
> >>
> >> Would they have archival files of former MLA's?
> >>
> >> Ec
> >>
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