I was trying to get the Ontario parliament to release the photos of the politicians under a GPL type license.  I was able to get some traction, but I didn't follow-up with them to ensure it was completed.  The latest idea was to get the members to choose yes/no for a free license when their photos are taken after the next election.  The queen's printer office agreed this would be a fair idea, but I don't think anything happened with it.

2009/7/15 Jeffery Nichols <arctic.gnome@gmail.com>
If people are interested, I would like to get together in an online
meeting to discuss what our first project may be.  I would especially
like to hear some ideas from some of the people who say they are
interested in WMC but don't want to work on the bylaws.  Before the
bylaws can be completed, we need a more specific idea about what we
will first do after being established.  I have argued that we should
try to set up an online database and gallery of Canadian historical
and artistic media, but I would like to hear everyone else's ideas, as
well as discuss the logistics of setting up that kind of website.
Would current participants and people who have not yet attended a
meeting be interested in chatting for an hour or so next week on the
topic?  If so, let me know and I'll set a time.
-Jeffery Nichols (Arctic.gnome)

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