I know I have been an advocate for simplicity and moving forward, but I have to object to an IRC AGM and voting.  I'm not one for upholding tradition for the sake of itself, but I would prefer to stick with the conventional methods of voting used by existing corporations.  You either attend the AGM in person or you complete a proxy by phone, web site or postal mail.  These votes determine who makes up a board which holds a great deal of power and fiduciary responsibility.  I consider the Mountain Equipment Co-op to be a respected and progressive organization.  MEC is holding their 39th AGM at Simon Frasier University.  While I am not privy to their reasons for choosing this traditional format, I personally feel in person meetings keep people and the process more honest and legitimate.

On 1 February 2010 13:53, Amgine <amgine.saewyc@gmail.com> wrote:
Found additional requirements under the act at

     * Added to paragraph 2, Membership and voting: "Any member retains
       the right to withdraw from membership in Wikimedia Canada by a
       public announcement of withdrawal." (as per B.1.b and in the
       spirit of Right to vanish
     * Insert new paragraph 3, Members meetings: "An annual general
       meeting of the membership must be held. A simple majority of
       active voting members will be used to determine when and where
       such a meeting will be held. The annual general meeting (AGM)
       may take place in IRC, with voting recognized by their use of
       registered IRC accounts and votes recorded via the secretary
       referencing a published log of the proceedings. The AGM place
       and time will be announced at least 14 days prior to the event
       on at least the Wikimedia-CA e-mail list. (as per B.2.a, B.2.b,
       B.2.c, B.2.d)
     * Insert new paragraph 4, Members of the board of directors:
       "Members of the board of directors: The membership shall elect
       at least 3 directors to serve as members of the board for the
       Corporation by simple majority at the Annual General Meeting.
       The membership may, at any members' meeting, vote on the removal
       of any director or ex-officio member of the board, and hold
       in-term election of replacement members to fulfill the
       requirement of 3 directors if the approved removals or
       retirements bring the number of directors below the minimum of
       three. Directors shall determine among their number one who will
       be responsible for recording and publishing board transactions
       in accordance with Canadian law, as well as other officers as
       required by the needs of the Corporation. The board of directors
       shall have authority to make decisions for and sign documents on
       behalf of the Corporation." (as per B.3.a, B.3.b, B.3.d, B.3.e,
       B.5.i, B.5.ii, B.5.iii)
     * Insert new paragraph 17, Amendment and repeal of by-laws: "The
       repeal or amendment of by-laws or the enactment of a new by-law
       relating to the requirements of subsection 155(2) of the Canada
       Corporations Act shall not be enforced or acted upon until the
       approval of the Minister has been obtained, which approval will
       not be obtained prior to, or without, membership approval." (as
       per B.9.b)
     * Insert new paragraph 18, Appointment of Auditor: "At the Annual
       General Membership meeting, the members shall appoint an Auditor
       in accordance with relevant Canadian and provincial laws whose
       duty shall be to audit the accounts of the corporation and make
       a report to the members at the annual meeting." (as per B.10.a,
     * Renumbered the other paragraphs as required.


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