I'm blocked from Wikipedia because of a Chinese kid in Texas who challenged my participation in articles on BChistory he wants a free hand to write without being "interfered with"; his conduct towards me hasbroken every guideline in t he book and his content and behaviour are against NPOV and other policy...and Canadian wikipedians stood aside...... our history is being colonized, decisions on titles and more being made by admins from the UK and US and paid staffers and most other BC wikipedians have long since given up; some are published authors; one recentloy hired to WMF HQ was used to block me all refused to read anything I said about what had gone on,all refuse to take the time to examin the content and policy violations while sucking up to anything he said about me|

I will never return to Wikipedia, it's only the latest in a very bad series of bad calls on various matters and it's clear to me the adminship is totally corrupted and biased and not informed or educated and dnop't want to learn about content, but only to enforce "behavioural guidelines|" that they violate themselves with some alacrity.
the copyright matter with the monkey selfie is noxious to any photographer or other creative contributor, that WMF funds are being spent to fight this war on a photographer is hideous; but more to the point where is t he bukl of WMF money coming from?:|

Admins should NOT be anonymous, nor like WhisperToMe who is No. 34 (at last count) of alltime Wikipedians should not be allowed to hide their edit summaries; I honestly believe he is a *(team* of editors, not the 20 year old new-graduate he claims to be.....and wonder about a lot of Canadian Wikipedians as to 'who they really are'
I was outed by the Vancouver Sun on behalf of the BC Liberals, and the adminship did NOTHING to police that or b lock the offending editor (User:Sunciviclee, who is Vancouver Sun reporter Jeff lee who "stands by his story" despite numerous outright lies and deliberate defamation.
User:Kwamikamagami claims to be at the UofA in Edmonton but continues to war on the existence of Canadian English and warred endless to keep reversions of his undiscussed changes to native article titles and ... who's the bad guy?  Yours truly, User:Skookum1 who has the BALLS to take on bullshit while the rest of you look the other way.
Wikipedia should be defunded, IMO, it's not the neutral body of information it pretends to be and there's too much suspect behaviour and blatantly-paid-editing of all kinds going on. 

Likes other BC wikipedians have done, I'll be publishin my own work in future and not bothering wasting my time and intelligence on people who are threatened by more than seven sentences at once and field personal attacks on those who gtry to explain what the7y don't iknow insgtead of listening......or thinking.  And who pander to POV artists on a regular basis by blocking those who challenge them; the laager mentality of the adminship and the mechanistic thinking that have come to prevail are an offence to the public interest and common decency.

Mike Cleven

postscript; my grandfather's photos go PD- 100 next year, and for the record my artricle on him was COI ...but he's a person of national significance as the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online recently affirmed to me in reply to a submission I'd made about him...as are two of my uncles and my aunt, and in time, perhaps my parents and myself also. I'll be bemused to see my own works cited by Wikiipedians in the future ... if Wikipedia itself doesn't implode from the weight of its own incestuous irrelevance.

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When do we start the same in Canada?

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