Hello, all--

The organizers of WikiCon USA 2016 (save the date: October 7-10 in San Diego) would like input from Wikipedians as they begin planning. Please see their message and survey below.

Amanda / AmandaRR123

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If you have attended previous Wikipedia events, we would love your input!

We are now planning WikiCon USA/SoCal 2016, taking place in San Diego over the holiday weekend, Friday-Monday, October 7-10, 2016.

Your experience and reflections from participating in past wiki events would be tremendously valuable as we make planning decisions.  

Could you take even just 3 minutes to submit a few short answers to our survey? Just click on the link below. 

Click Here to Start Survey:

You can also send more detailed comments, questions or concerns to us at wikicon.socal@gmail.com.

Thank you enormously for your past participation - we hope you can join us again this year!

    Pharos & DrMel

Richard Knipel & Melissa Ganus
WikiCon USA/SoCal 2016 Co-organizers