My friend Zachary Davis in Cambridge is working on KANON, a cool visualization of history timelines, drawing on Wikimedia data, media, and text.  

He's looking for people to help brainstorm how to realize the idea, and for developers to work on the project - particularly on the Wikimedia data side and on a javascript front-end; see below. 

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Kanon is an interactive timeline that visualizes humanity's most significant cultural works, initially proving the concept with books. The zoomable timeline enables the user to delve deeper into any time period and be shown the ten most important books. So zoomed completely out, one would see the ten most significant books of all time (e.g Odyssey, Bible, War and Peace) but zoomed into the time period between 1920-1930 the user would see the ten most significant books from that period (Great Gatsby, etc). "Significance" is ranked according to a composite index of Wikipedia page traffic for the particular work, google search traffic, google ngram mentions, and library circulation. Users could then click on a work they find interesting and go to a page showing more information and save the book to a customizable reading list. 

I'm looking for a developer to help with the D3 javascript library and making Wikipedia's API do as told.  The job is paid. 

Mockups and more info here.

Zachary Davis
Producer of Operations

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