Hello Fellow Wikimedians,
I am pleased to announce that New England Wikimedians’ website has officially launched, located here: http://ne-wikimedians.org/. I would encourage everyone to create an account if you plan on editing, as accounts are required for editing (to prevent spam). Also, since we are hosted on Wikimedia DC’s website servers, you will be unable to use your account details from any accounts that you run on Foundation wiki’s, and you will need to create a new account, unless you already have one on the WikiConference USA site or their own wiki. Everyone is welcome to modify what is already there and use it for our outreach work.
Also, I forgot to mention this yesterday, but if anyone is interested in helping out in a more official capacity this year, please let me or Maia know, as we are happy to have any help, no matter what your skill level.
Finally, if anyone has any suggestions or questions, please feel free to e-mail me, regarding both the site and helping out in the coming year. I will also send an e-mail to other mailing lists in the next few hours to announce this site (so my apologies ahead of time for double-posting), but I figured that I would announce it to the user group first before we made an official announcement to the global community.
Kevin Rutherford