Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of the comments thus far. Here are some of my thoughts:

I agree that it would be a good idea to have some sort of set of goals and specific talking points laid out before we actually meet again. Perhaps we can start some kind of wiki (anonymous, if need be) to list issues that ppl would like to discuss either by phone, Hangout, or in person. I also agree that it might be better if we can do a phone conference or Google hangout or similar before we meet in person if it's going to be more difficult for folks to attend a physical meeting. I'd be happy to get a simple outline going on etherpad or similar, if folks think this would be useful.

Regarding incorporation, it would help me to see a breakdown of benefits and what would be expected of group members after this potentially happens. And then ppl could provide feedback. I will admit that I'm still a little unclear of the process, even though I signed that doc...

On the issue of the mailing lists, it sounds like a good idea to join CT and Boston/NE into one. I didn't even realize there was a CT list until now! Hi, CT folks :)

Regarding positions, I can see why they would be warranted for a group with definite goals and plans. But it sounds like we might need more discussion first about just what those goals and plans are/should be. I would not be in favor of appointing positions, however. I like ppl's ideas about an online vote if need be, similar to the process used to vote for candidates on the WM Board.

Lastly, I appreciate the comments of everyone here and I'm hopeful that we can keep up the conversations before we move toward the next level for us as a group. As an anecdote, this past weekend I was at a reunion of a Peace Corps group with members hailing from all over who have stayed together and met as a group every few years since their service ended around 1970. I interviewed every one individually about why this group was able to stick together, when most Peace Corps volunteers just go their separate ways after their service. Every single one of them acknowledged that without the leadership of one particular guy, the group would have dissolved long ago. So Kevin, it's awesome that you have so far taken on responsibility for organizing meetings, and I thank you for it. Sven, it is so obvious that you care deeply for this group, and I also thank you for your long-standing commitment and suggestions, even now from afar. You rule! I hope we can all keep a civil dialogue going as we move forward with constructive ideas and feedback on things we can do better for the future.

As for this weekend, I'd be happy to postpone it; I'll speak for myself in saying that I have my hands quite full getting ready for our upcoming events... I'm excited for the Mass History edit-a-thons later this month (I'll be at the Schlessinger one if anyone's going), and I'm also getting some wonderful feedback in advance of the Ada Lovelace Day event, which is likely to be attended by a slew of Brown students who are not yet Wikipedia editors. Looking forward to hearing from others of you with your input!

all the best,

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On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 12:47 PM, Kevin Rutherford <Ktr101@hotmail.com> wrote:
Hey all,
In regards to Svenís comments, I think official positions would make it easier so that we could have designated persons doing designated work (i.e. the secretary takes notes). In terms of the Connecticut mailing list, if we can, we should merge it into the Boston one and maybe create a New England list, because the Connecticut list had one post in around five years until we started using it this summer. In terms of elections, I am all for doing something online, but do we want to have a meeting on Saturday? If not, then I need to know soon so that we can cancel it and notify people that we are doing an about-face on something that we planned for months. I do like Scottís idea of a secret ballot should we decide to go that way, and I would love to learn how to do that so that we can adequately figure this stuff out in time.
In terms to discussing things off the list, I have been in contact with AffCom and Pharos in regards to becoming a user group. A summary of the AffCom stuff was the signing of the User Group Agreement alongside Maia, and all that needs to be done is to copy the names from the July event over onto the WMNE page, to show current interest and to update it. In terms of discussions with Pharos, I have been mentored by him and talked about the running of the group in order to figure out how to more easily run everything. We havenít been engaging in any illicit activities, and I have never had any ill will behind it, as Pharos attested in an earlier e-mail. I have also been balancing school and other extracurricular activities, so that is why I havenít been as consistent as I have wanted to in the past month or so.
I hope this answers everything, and I look forward to responses from others.
Kevin Rutherford
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Subject: Re: [Wikimedia-boston] Meeting time and other announcements
I, for one, would love to see more discussion happening on the mailing list(s).† In-person meetings (and real-time communication like IRC) doesn't seem appropriate at this point.† I've got a family at home and other weekend obligations; before I find babysitting and make the trek to <real world location>, I'd like to have some confidence that all other means of communication/organization were exhausted.† Voting on positions doesn't seem to meet that bar.† We can certainly do nominations online (either on a wiki page or on the mailing list), and I'll volunteer to set up a Selectricity instance if we need to run a secret ballot.

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