As some of you already know, a possible space has been found for RCC Boston: Boucoup Loft. We are going to go forward with this unless there are major objections by the local wiki community or others.  The price will be $3,000 for the three days. 

We are looking to schedule Recent Changes Camp on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday in March (ideally 4th - 6th). I will contact Nate Tassinari, her Bocoup Loft contact, to coordinate a date with him. If you have any requests about how the space is set up, please let me know so I can address them with staff of Bocoup Loft.

Bocoup Loft is in Boston's Fort Point neighborhood, 5 minutes from South Station and 10 minutes from Chinatown. It is a coworking space run by Bocoup, an open source Javascript company. There are 30 restaurants in the area. The proximity to South Station means that it's easy to get there via the Red Line and Commuter Rail. It is also very close to the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Children's Museum, just to give you an idea in terms of location.

Features of the space:

-elevator (currently broken, but will be fixed by March)
-seating space that can fit 100 chairs
-other space that can be used for name tags/swag and sessions
-2 kitchens (stove, microwave, fridge)
-2 bathrooms
-Wifi (although we would probably want to supplement it with our own Wifi if at all possible)
-projection screen
-Conference room we can use that seats 6-8 people
-possible sponsor in company that's right next door
-3,500 square feet of space for us to use
-willingness of the staff at Bocoup to promote our event through their blog and Twitter feed

This is a space where people work, but the folks at Bocoup will either have people work somewhere else or put up dividers so the noise won't be an issue. If other co-working space isn't rented out during the conference, we can use that too. From talking to Nate, I really get the sense that he's willing to work with us and I think that's really important.

I was really pleased with the space and think it would be a good fit for RCC.

Please reply with questions / objections by October 22th, 2010.

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