Judy,  congratulations!  This sounds great.  Do you synchronize the work with wikipedia at all?  I copy the local wikipedians, who may have advice of their own.

OLPC would certainly be interested in a health wikislice including information such as this.


On 5/4/09, Judy Stone <jstone12345@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi, SJ,

Thought you might be interested.
I'm honored to have been asked to write/edit the section in Medpedia on H1N1 (swine) flu

Medpedia is a neat medical wiki started in Feb, with contributions from Harvard, U Mich, Stanford, etc.

While the info on H1N1 is fairly readily available, I've tried to make it more readable and common sense than some sources are.
I thought the OLPC folks might be interested as well, as it is usable under GNU Free Documentation License

Suggestions are welcome; this is my first wiki/major project.
Hope all is well with you. Will see you Jun 22, barring anything unforeseen, or you are welcome to come to Maine when we are there.



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