Hi all, 

I just wanted to send a quick note that Wikimania, the annual conference of the Wikimedia movement, will be this year in Stockholm, Sweden, from 14-16 August, with two days of hackathon/pre-conference learning days (workshops about Wikimedia) beforehand. 

If you are planning to go, early bird registration deadline is May 31: 

and submission deadline for the program is June 1st:

Unlike past years, the program this year is arranged into "spaces" which are various tracks, each with their own coordinator. Submit to the space that you think fits the theme of your presentation the best and it will be reviewed alongside others in that theme.

If anyone has any questions about what Wikimania is like in general, although I am not involved in planning this year, I and several others on the list have been to the conference many times and would be happy to answer questions!