Hi all,

At the last meetup at MIT on Saturday September 30, four people ultimately showed up: namely, Enterprisey, Alan Wu, yours truly, and another person whose name I've forgotten. There, if I recall correctly (I didn't take a photo sadly), we agreed that we should meet on the last Saturday of each month. In particular, that means that the next meetup should occur this Saturday, October 28, 2023. Are any of y'all down to meet that day? I think I'll be available then, except from around 2pm to 4pm, and I have no strong preference of my own as to the venue.

Relatedly, Wiki Loves Monuments 2023 is currently going on until the end of the month. If any of y'all have fancy cameras or are good at photography, I think we could easily make this event into a fun field trip around Greater Boston to take pretty photos of monuments. There are lots of monuments around here, including a good handful that are still yet to be photographed! I'm not really a photographer myself, but I'd be willing to try it with others!

Sorry for not writing this email earlier. I look forward to hopefully seeing some of y'all again in the flesh soon.



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