Circling back on this topic.  I saw Kevin post something recently about outreach being a goal for New England Wikimedians.  Our group would be very low hanging fruit for you guys.  We'd love to have someone from your group speak at our meetup (see link below) and would be happy to reciprocate if there is interest.


On 05/08/2014 12:57 PM, Kevin Rutherford wrote:
Hey all,
I just received a request for Will Rico for someone to speak at the LibrePlanet Boston Desktop GNU/Linux Users Group, and I figured that I would pass this along. They meet the first Wednesday of each month in Kendall Square, and have spaces open for the rest of the year. If you are interested, I have cc’d him on this e-mail, and the link to their page is: If any of you are interested, please feel free to e-mail him, as I would love to have more collaboration with non-Wikimedians in the area!
Kevin Rutherford