The committee sent around a corrected table of ratings; the process + color-system were confusing to everyone.
There were 9 evaluation criteria, grouped into 4 clusters (WM background, skills, regional experience, human rights + representation).
They couldn't decide how to summarize these, so did it two ways: first by overall average across criteria, then by average within the 9 criteria.

Thanks Ben for helping to get this corrected.   After hearing everyone's feedback this week, we will put in our vote at the week's end.

NameUsernameWikimedia BackgroundSought SkillsRegional ExperienceHuman Rights and Under- representationOverall AverageRating from overall avgRating from avg of the nine criteria
Shani Evenstein SigalovEsh772118.517.519.519.13GoldGold
Farah MustaklemFjmustak2016.518.517.518.13SilverGold
Kunal MehtaLegoktm2117.314.017.017.31SilverGold
Mike PeelMike Peel2117.018.512.517.25SilverGold
Michal BuczyńskiAegis Maelstrom2117.513.016.016.88SilverGold
Tobechukwu Precious FridayTochiprecious1913.518.515.516.63SilverGold
Joris Darlington QuarshieJoris Darlington Quarshie1614.517.517.016.25SilverGold
Egbe Eugene AgborEugene2331813.319.014.516.19SilverGold
Lionel SheepmansLionel Scheepmans2113.
Gilbert NdihokubwayoGilbert Ndihokubwayo1512.017.515.014.88SilverSilver
Gina BennettRedwidgeon1611.011.013.512.88SilverSilver
Abderamane Abakar BrahimAbakar B1210.514.511.512.13SilverSilver