Dear All,
You may aware that there is an inbuilt Bangla typing solution is available in Bangla Wikipedia. But the typing solution is not working properly due to some changes in MediaWiki. So we are planning to improve the inbuilt Bangla typing by replacing that tool with new tool and the tool will used in all the Wikimedia projects in Bangla. The idea is the tool will have multiple keyboard layouts that are mostly used by the community. So people can use any of the layout to contribute Wikipedia without any desktop tool. Junaid P V and Shiju Alex from Kerala, India are helping us with their technical expertise to improve the tool. They are also improved the tools for Malayalam, Sanskrit, Tamil, Oriya. We improving the tool by including an Avro like phonetic keyboard layout, since most of the user in web are using that layout to type in Bangla. The new tool is not integrated with Wikipedia yet, we are testing the tool at somewhere else at toolserver. We will include it to Wikipedia after when it is bug free. Here is the link for new tool with Avro phonetic layout,

I'd like to request you to test it with your daily Bangla typing and send us your feedback and bugs. To send us any problem you are faceing to use that tool please use this email thread or send me at

And also please send us your suggestions about which keyboard layout (non-proprietary) we can include to that tool which is the most used for Bangla Typing.

Belayet Hossain (Bangla)
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