Hi, everyone.

During the Wikimedia Conference, a number of Asian chapters and chapters-to-be have decided to discuss holding an Asian meeting during Wikimania 2013.  Affiliates in attendance were Wikimedia Hong Kong, Wikimedia India, Wikimedia Indonesia, Wikimedia Israel, Wikimedia Nepal, Wikimedia Philippines and Wikimedia Taiwan.

We agreed that there should be a discussion on Meta about when and where the meeting should be, what should be discussed during the meeting (meaning an agenda), and who should be able to attend.  This is to make sure that if we will have an Asian chapters/affiliates meeting, we will have as many people as possible attending this meeting, and our meeting will have some clear direction, especially as Vantharith Oum has suggested that we have an Asian Wikimedia Conference some time after Wikimania.

To this effect, I thank Siska for creating a Meta page back in 2011 which discusses Asian chapters meetings, so let's have this discussion on Meta so that as many people as possible can join in.  The discussion will take place at http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Asian_Chapters_Meeting#Meeting_during_Wikimania_2013.  Please tell your chapter boards, your national mailing lists, your village pumps, and the like about this discussion.  If we will seriously discuss about the future of this inter-chapter group (and of Wikimedia in Asia in general), we have to discuss this as soon as possible.

(For those who are receiving this on Wikimedia-l and Chapters-l: if you or your affiliate is not on the Wikimedia Asia list, please sign up at https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/wikimedia-asia-chapters.  The list is not strictly limited to chapters, so if you're from an Asian country, including the Middle East, Russia, the Caucasus, Australia and New Zealand, please feel free to join the list.)

Thanks and I hope to see everyone in Hong Kong. :)


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