All the best to Morgan, I will miss you. And good to know Tango to take the position.

Ted Chien
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Dear All,

Nice to meet you all! and I am following those things from Morgan.
Keep in touch!

2010/9/12 Andrew Owens <>
Wish Morgan the best from Australia - was a pleasure to meet him in Berlin earlier in the year.

kindest regards
Andrew (WMAU)

On 12 September 2010 16:52, Jeromy-Yu Maximilian Chan <> wrote:
Dear All

Stating his need to concentrate on studies,
Morgan had handed resigned from his posts of director-commissioner for communications

the Directors and the Councillors had approve his resignation

and elected Tango Chan
to replace him

So Tango will be responsible on the liaison affairs with you guys
he is already around for a while
so he's quite familiar with here

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