Hi Kizu,

1) I leave message on your facebook, are you planning to go to Argentina for Wiki Women Camp?

2) Indonesia also hosted a similar edit thing-a-thon but with a complete strangers (never edited wikipedia before), the turn out is pretty low unless a university was interviering. In our experience for newbees it is better to prepare an article for them WITH the citations. So first timer only learn to type, code, and adding citation.

For us that works pretty well but a hell of a preparation for the committee that they (the committee end up being paid for monitoring and finding out resources)

2012/2/26 KIZU Naoko <aphaia@gmail.com>

yesterday in National Diet Library Kansai Branch, local Wikimedians in
Kansai and around had a sort of edit-a-thon,
focusing on citation of sources, which Wikimedians in Kansai
(WiKansai) collaborated to hold proudly.
Invitation was on the Japanese Wikipedia but no sitenotice was used.
We reserved a room at NDL as ordinary users, that is, they were not
affiliated to our event.

While it rained, and the library was situated in a remote area, six
editors joined. We hadn't expect casual users to join and we had been
right to some extent, but not every attendee were hyperactive, so
sharing experiences happened on several topics from art of prose
rethoric for articles to template know-hows. Some attendees including
me has visited NDL Kansai Branch first ever, so it was beneficial for
us to share knowledge tp ise tjeor facilities. I could make time only
for two hours because of private affairs but could make two articles
on the Japanese Wikiquote to  full source-cited. All other attendees
seem to be content with their own work of the day. After the Citation
Party, we had a dinner together and exchanged thought and opinions
mainly on the Japanese Wikipedia.

We agreed on that the event of the day was fruitful and that we'd love
to host a similar event hopefully near future. There would be a lot of
points to improve, so your input will be appreciated.


KIZU Naoko / 木津尚子
member of Wikimedians in Kansai  / 関西ウィキメディアユーザ会 http://kansai.wikimedia.jp

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