Halo all 

As you all know that HK is among the finalists of the Wikimania 2013 bid with London

However, as the original announcement date already passed,
and there still no clue will be come out any day soon

so I am not sure more time will benefit the London Bid, as sort of "buy-time" affect

We, HK bidding will try to use this time to facilitate as much as possible to secure the bid

however, I also need your help to express the idea that there will be 6 years
that no single Wikimania in Asia-Pacific proper in 2013

So I wonder if you can personally tweet, facebook status about this matter,
and express your support to our bid.
(share our bidding page as well http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2013_bids/Hong_Kong )

(of course if any official or community account can express such support will be even better
Chapter's Letter of support is also welcomed)

please feel free to express your opinion on this
even you dislike this idea :)

Jeromy-Yu "Jerry" Chan, ARAD
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Advisor, Wikimedia Hong Kong
ChapCom/ComCom, Wikimedia Foundation
Communications Co-Head, Wikimania HK Bidding Team
also Jeromyu on twitter, plurk and most of places

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