The Wikimaps project proposes to develop the Wikimaps Warper. Please endorse the project at

The Warper code will be refactored
User interface is separated from computation to allow more versatile use of the software. Operations inside the code are also separated to make possible developing individual parts separately.

New functions will be added
Mass import of already rectified maps will come handy to GLAM users and can be made part of maps uploads. Category imports will be enabled. We are starting to develop the new functionalities already. The API will be enhanced to be the primary means of operating the software.

Preparing for next steps
After this work the user interfaces will be remade. Design decisions will be based on earlier work in the Wikimaps project, and updated to reflect development in sister software such as the OSM iD editor.

Wikimedia Finland has an ongoing project for processing metadata for Commons uploads. Warper upload will be made an option in it.

Please help us code in Commons!
We are looking for Commons volunteers to participate in Commons integrations, coding gadgets and templates.


Wikimaps Warper 2.0 team
Tim Waters, Albin Larsson, Ari Häyrinen, Susanna Ånäs