Hi all,

Question: what else currently needs to be completed with respect to Map Warper, before we can launch a mass-upload of files to it, and try to launch a first mass campaign of geo-referencing ?

So what other things do people think need to be altered on the map warper, before we
* (a) do a mass upload from Commons to Labs of maps to geo-reference
* (b) launch a campaign for mass-georeferencing the uploads
* (c) use it to display geo-referencing for maps that have already been geo-referenced ?

I would like to say that our project duration is until the end of this year, and starting campaigning while we are working on the project will dramatically reduce our capability to focus on development. But we are responding to requests of having a user-friendly pipeline available for georeferencing individual maps by the time of the British Library tagathon. This will include the following steps:

-- unrelated to georeferencing: --
1. Launch the Template:Map [1], which will include a big, blue button as a link to the Warper.
2. Use it in a batch upload with GLAMWIKI Toolset [2]

-- related to georeferencing: --
3. Enabling OAuth login from Commons to the Warper has been done.
4. Create a stand-alone big, blue button to add in Wikimedia Commons file page for maps. Susanna and Jeph work on this.
4. Bot-add this button (a template) to a test set of maps. You might have a proper candidate for such a set. Eventually we could add this to all maps. André works on this, but you can help.
5. Create a gadget to manually add the button to any map file. I guess this goes unassigned. 

Additionally, but not before the beginning of October, we will
6. Create a form to transform data from the Information / Artwork / Book templates into the Map template, that also includes the button, and will include a locator map for the historical map

During the rest of the year we work to create a new user interface to the Warper.

Creating methods for easy batch georeffing of maps is not included in our plan for this year, but we will be happy to include it in a future funding application. So we decided it will not take precedence over our current plans.

For reference, as an estimate of the scale of what is on Commons already (never mind new scans that are being produced), we currently have just over 54,000 unique files in Category:Old_maps and Category:Maps_by_year together, going down six levels, of which just over 41,000 are in sub-directories of Category:Old Maps

There are also
* 4890 maps that we have that already have georeferencing from the NYPL (not in the Old Maps hierarchy)
* 315 Ordnance Survey drawings, with georeferencing from the BL (also not in the Old Maps hierarchy)
* 1126 maps from the Mechanical Curator collection, of which 107 are related to images that have georeferencing from the BL, and the remainder should be geo-referenced in the BL's next phase.

It would be great if someone would put these files into the Old Maps hierarchy, as that is where the bot could find the maps where the big blue button will be included. 

(The already geo-referenced maps are or will be accessible in subdirectories of
   Category:Maps with links to external georeferencing
-- the BL are there already; I shall be adding the NYPL ones in a couple of days, once I have jumped through the required hoops for bot approval).

IMO, it would be nice to get a campaign of geo-referencing underway.

But how close are we to being ready?

I think these are the things you propose to develop:
1. Create a mechanism for batch-adding files from Commons to the Warper
2. Create a mechanism for batch-importing georeferencing data to files already batch-added to Warper.
3. Perhaps make a campaign interface?

All of these require considerable amounts of time from the community and the developers. We were not prepared for this for this year, but I hope you will be interested in committing your time to project planning and resourcing for next year!

I hope our actions before the beginning of October will be beneficial in the context of the BL tagathon!