Nationals of the following countries also need a visa to transit through the UK, known as Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV). See for more information.

Afghanistan Kosovo 
Albania Lebanon
Algeria Lesotho***
Angola Liberia
Bangladesh Macedonia
Belarus Malawi
Bolivia** Moldova
Burma Mongolia
Burundi Montenegro
Cameroon Nepal
China, Peoples Republic of Nigeria 
Colombia Palestinian Authority
Congo Pakistan
Congo, Democratic Republic of Rwanda
Cyprus, northern part of   Senegal
Ecuador Serbia (including documents issued by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo)
Eritrea Sierra Leone
Ethiopia South Africa*
Gambia Sudan
Ghana  Somalia
Guinea Sri Lanka
Guinea-Bissau Swaziland***
India Tanzania
Iran Turkey
Iraq Uganda
Ivory Coast Venezuela**
Jamaica*** Vietnam
Kenya Zimbabwe

* Since 1 July 2009, nationals of South Africa need a visa to enter or transit through the UK.

** Since 18 May 2009, nationals of Bolivia and Venezuela need a visa to enter or transit through the UK.  Venezuelan nationals holding valid biometric passports containing an electronic chip issued since 2007 will be exempt from the visa requirement.

*** Since 1 July 2009, nationals of Lesotho and Swaziland need a visa to enter or transit through the UK.

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I just wanted to send a note to make people aware of a problem that
attendees may encounter: Transit Visas.  I'm not sure if something has
changed in 2009 or the fact that we've been booking travel, but it
seems as if individuals with citizenship in some countries (so far
India and Morocco, and Hong Kong) require travel visas to travel
through other countries (UK and Germany, Spain, and the United States,

Please be aware if there are any Transit Visa requirements for your
travel before you potentially get stuck.


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Cary Bass
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