I like this, though program evaluation needs to allow for the possibility that the local bid team might want to organise a national language track.

What I think we should be trying to do is reduce the competing bid elements of Wikimania and building on the cooperative elements. It would be hard to think of any other aspect of the movement where we have rival teams competing against each other and all but the winning teams efforts end on the discard pile.


On 3 May 2013 17:02, Manuel Schneider <manuel.schneider@wikimedia.ch> wrote:
Dear WSC,

Am 03.05.2013 02:20, schrieb WereSpielChequers:
> A Wikimania committee would be good, but even better would be some
> continuing organiser resource. There are lots of really suitable
> potential venues out there if we could only reduce the minimal role of
> the local organisation.

I agree partly, my suggestion is to divide Wikimania into several roles:

* Program Evaluation - should be an online committee that organises
itself - very much like it already is, maybe a bit more independant,
similar to the jury

* Venue / Accommodation - clearly locally

* VISAs and managing scholarships - online committee with WMF staff and
volunteers - should be kind of a secretariat for the Scholarship
Evaluation committee

* Scholarship Evaluation - online committee of volunteers - very much
like it already is, maybe a bit more independant, similar to the jury

* Sponsorships - clearly locally but should get WMF staff support, eg.
sponsorship concepts that can be re-used

* Technics - a global team of people which organise online but also need
to work locally a week prior the event
** I'd volunteer for that as I also wrote most of the technical specs on
the Wikimania Team wiki

* Oversight / Financial Controlling - an online committee with WMF staff
support - similar to GAC/FDC

I am afraid that I just created too many teams and committees for one
event only. Maybe these teams / committees could also be used in
regional conferences - when asked by the local team to help. That may be
single teams or all which may support local events, depending on the demand.
I hope that by splitting the duties this way we can have a fair amount
of expertise - people only having to deal with what they are good at /
interested in - and less pressure on each individual.
The teams / committees should manage themselves, meaning that they look
for new volunteers, report publicly, make sure they are being guided by
the community where possible. That might result in the content of the
Wikimania Team wiki being moved into several working spaces (one per
team) on Meta and the Team wiki being closed thereafter.

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