Hi SJ,

The Conference was planned at first around the 20th of august, because that is still in the hollidays indeed but also a few weeks (to have some rest after a exhausting wikimania ;-) ) after "Boston". That would be a ideal time imho. But of course I have to await some community imput.  Now I see Brion's mail of Wikisym, so I'll put it into the discussion. Maybe we don't care, maybe we do, as I don't know how much Dutch people want to go to Danmark etc. :) (thank you brion for mentioning it)

Btw I forgot to metion that probably Kennisnet will be able to sponsor a location, laptops and beamer(s), and maybe even streaming :) Of course this makes it all a lot more fun :)

greetings, Effeietsanders

2006/2/2, SJ <2.718281828@gmail.com>:
Hi Effeitsanders,

Are you thinking of organizing something during the summer holidays,
in the weeks following Wikimania?  Or at a later time during the year?
I hear being Dutch gives one an inherited advantage when it comes to
throwing parties...


On 2/2/06, effeietsanders-list <effeietsanders.l@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Wikimanians
>  "Poor us, Europeans", I thought when it became clear that wikimania (or how
> we'll call it this year) will be held in Boston. So far away, and só
> expensive... A ticket costs soon €500,--, and then we have to sleep, eat,
> drink, and have some fun. a lot more then I spend usually on my hollidays :P
>  So I wanted something else for the poor people who can't afford it to buy a
> ticket etc. Something in here. And I thought up some kind of own, a lot
> shorter conference, in the Netherlands. Organized by the Vereniging
> Wikimedia Nederland (Dutch Chapter) I hope to have a conference of one (or
> maybe two, but probably not) day(s) with some lectures of Wikimania, but
> also, very important, discussiongroups ''about'' the subjects that were
> mentioned during Wikimania. Some workshops (how to bot etc) and these
> small-scaled discussiongroups should make the conference different from the
> Wikimania in Boston, especially because it will be for the largest part in
> Dutch :) This way I hope to get a bunch of people together, to let the
> community get to know eachother, to make friends irl, but also not to kill
> Boston in its number of visitors because we attract a lot of people.
>  It will become a conference with a very different character if it's up to
> me, however it will have a link with the Boston-conference. The link will on
> my behalf exist mostly in the subjects and some speakers, and of course I
> hope to get the Dutch and Flemish enthousiastic for both events. It will be
> a great impuls for the Dutch community (and as you probably already all
> know, we NEED THAT ;-)  ) and for the Vereniging.
>  As you are all working very hard on getting a program together for Boston,
> and orginizing a great event in Boston, I would like to hear your opinion
> about this. I can take those advises into the plans to create something
> approaching perfect :P Please give your comments on this and (i need that
> really) keep me somehow please informed about the growing of the program (as
> long as it is not discussed on this list) because unfortunately MetaWiki is
> a true MazeWiki. Thank you in advance.
>  greeting from the Netherlands, Effeietsanders

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