I'm sorry, I totally am not understanding your arguments, why this discussion couldn't be held in a general way. Sure, for organizing Wikimania in this city it seems to be important, but I think it is important for /any/ city. The page doesn't include any arguments that I can understand which state why it would be /different/ if held in Italy. Or rather, why it should be. 

You do propose already two members of this committee in your plan. I find that interesting, and not in line with how scholarships are usually discussed (by an international team, independent of the city), but personally I would be happy with the two of you being involved in any scholarship committee, again independent of the bid that wins. 

In any case, I feel held back to engage in this discussion if that could be perceived as support for a particular bid - as I have not studied the bid itself. I think it would be better for the outcome of the discussion to hold it outside of that context. But of course you're totally free to hold any discussion you like, anywhere you like. 


2014/1/12 Federico Leva (Nemo) <nemowiki@gmail.com>
Lodewijk, 12/01/2014 17:53:

Out of curiosity, why is this bid specific?

It's explained in the "crucial for the success of this Wikimania plan" passage and in several other places in the bid, where it's pointed out that Wikimania needs to be looked at as a whole.

I think it would be much
more valuable if we can have this discussion independent of the bid.
These values and goals should be similar independent of the location.
Even the members of the committee should be mostly independent of the
location I think.

We don't propose to change the (process of) composition of the committee; the bid only includes a proposed coordinator/point of contact with the local organising team, as per handbook/practice (that is me). We're just telling you one or two years in advance what we plan to do with that. :)


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