Hi everyone,

I couldn't find a suitable page on the wm2012 wiki for this .. but I thought I would invite people who I met during Wikimania to connect on various social media platforms:


Please add me on whichever you deem appropriate.  Note if I don't recognise you I might not accept the request, so please send me a note telling me who you are if you think it might not be obvious!

In case anyone isn't sure, I was the slightly bald Australian, who you may have met at:

- Wikipedia Takes Manhattan (6th-8th) including Wiki Worlds Fair (7th)
- WCA meeting (11th)
- Google Reception (11th) and subsequent city walk with Katie
- Wikia Party (12th)
- Wikimedia Asia lunch (13th)
- Buffalo Billiards (14th)
- Unconference - Session with Andrew Lih which became a "newbies discussion" (15th)
- Dinner with WMUK people (15th)

If there is somewhere else I should be posting this, please let me know :)