I agree to the Handbook, but I would suggest adopting some kind of yearly "editions" (or something like that), not just to update the information, but to reflect how things, ideas and overall organizations change over time. As it is right now, the Handbook might give the idea that there is only one way of organizing Wikimania when even our small discussion here hinges on the opposite fact.

I believe that doing this will simultaneously help the current organizing team in their effort, and the community in many of these "What is the essence of Wikimania?" questions.

On 5:50PM, Tue, Jul 12, 2016 Ivan Martínez <galaver@gmail.com> wrote:
Although our planning in '15 had a different structure, for me was very useful have a one-two hour recap with Ed after Wikimania 2014, because at that point he had a more clear image of what functioned and what not, and I understood his planning into several areas.

I'm agree with Nick, all these plans and models should be present into the Handbook.

2016-07-12 17:33 GMT-05:00 Nick Wilson (Quiddity) <nwilson@wikimedia.org>:
On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 9:57 AM, Andy Cruz y Corro <andycyca@gmail.com> wrote:
> [...]
> So in general there's not enough communication between Wikimania organizers
> for things like this. Why don't we organize some sort of Brain Trust with
> former organizers to give opinions and advice **in a timely manner** to
> whoever is the current organizing team? It can be a really easy setup (maybe
> nothing more than a small mailing list and/or skype chat) where the current
> team can ask "Hey, X: you dealt with this before. How did you do it?" Any
> former organizer who is interested can just throw their name in the hat with
> his/her area of expertise and that's it. Even more, since the proposed Trust
> is just an advisory team (meaning that the current organizers don't
> necessarily have to act upon the advise in the exact described way) this
> communication can even become private and informal.
> I think something like this is needed to improve future Wikimanias without
> compromising on those small things that make it a non-generic event. If we
> can manage a solution like this, sign me up.

Sounds like a good idea, as long as the answers that ought to be
recorded for posterity are added at
https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_Handbook and subpages, which
should be the primary set of opinions and advice and checklists.

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