The problem with what you're proposing is that everyone has something they don't want to see, and sooner or later you'll annoy someone by omitting something they need.  Case in point: the recent Chapters conference in Berlin was vegan food only, which clashed with my cultural requirement to have fish on a Friday.  

You simply can't make everyone happy.

On 21 July 2011 22:22, WereSpielChequers <> wrote:
The reason why I suggested that we make a commitment that "future
Wikimanias won't clash with Ramadan or certain other "culturally
sensitive" dates", Is that as Harel pointed out it isn't just Islam
that has dates we should avoid (and I appreciate that Muslims are
exempt from their fast on their way to and from Wikimania). I accept
that it won't be easy to come up with dates that work for a culturally
sensitive global organisation, and I'm aware that this isn't the first
time we've clashed with Ramadan. Globalisation is hard, coming up with
a midyear date that doesn't clash with anything we don't want to clash
with will not be easy, but if we truly want to Globalise the pedia we
should at least try to do this.

I don't observe Ramadan, or watch sport, and I'm happy to eat pork.
But if we want future Wikimanias to be open to a truly global
community then I believe that we should aim for Gdansk to be the last
Wikimania with Pork on the menu and Haifa the last that clashes with
any major religious event (I have no objection to a two hour break for
sports fans provided there is, as at Gdansk, an alternative for the
sportsphobic amongst us).


On 20 July 2011 22:41, Casey Brown <> wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 4:11 PM, Manuel Schneider
> <> wrote:
>> We discussed that last year and someone came up with a sensible remark:
>> If you are travelling during Ramadan, you are excempted from the fast.
> It should also be noted that Wikimania 2009 also took place during
> Ramadan, and Wikimania 2012 will miss it by only a few days.
> There's also already a page on wikimania2011wiki directed at the
> Muslim Ramadan-observing Wikimaniacs that has been up for almost an
> entire year (August 2010!).
> <>
> Having Wikimania during Ramadan isn't a showstopper... they can still
> partake in all of the normal Wikimania activities, and this year's
> Wikimania has already made plans to support them.
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