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An other thing, is live streamin that important? I mean as long as
sessions are recorded do we really need to have a live streaming?
Everybody will be on a different timezone, in my opinion we should
plan and prepare a proper file streaming with all the sessions
downloadable quickly. And Streaming (file or live) is not a priority
in Wikimania organisation

I think live streaming is important, and not just for Wikimania. It can be useful outside of the yearly conferences,
I'm sure you will agree.

As for it's priority to Wikimania and the Wikimania org, it depends on what kind of a
conference we are trying to foster. There are many people who can't attend in person, but it would
be great if they could interact in the sessions and with the live attendees.
I think this was among the ideas brainstormed for Wikimania 2007.

Just my 0.02.



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