I'd love to moderate Brion's session.

On 7/22/06, Angela <beesley@gmail.com> wrote:
Sorry to those who already read this on wikimania-l, but I'm
especially looking for people who will understand the tech sessions at
Wikimania to act as moderators for those.

If you would like to volunteer, please let me know as soon as possible.

Moderating basically involves introducing the speaker and then making
sure they finish on time, and sometimes handling questions from the
audience at the end when there's time for a Q&A session. You will also
need to find the speaker before the event and make sure they're happy
with the arrangements and know where they're going.

The "Technical infrastructure" sessions that need moderating include:

Session 4 (Saturday)
    * Brion Vibber: Hacking MediaWiki
    * Hacking days review

Session 6 (Saturday)
    * Christoph Sauer: What you see is wiki - Questioning WYSIWYG in
the internet age
    * Darniet Jennings: Why WYSIWIKI?
    * Timothy Chklovski: Collecting Computer-useable knowledge from
volunteer contributors
    * Chris Luer: Disambiguation: the key to information architecture?

Session 7 (Sunday)
    * Technical lightning talks/future of search
    * Paul Sponagl: Device independent access to Wikipedia
    * Kasper Souren: Wikipedia on the Nokia 770

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