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You raise a valid concern that the COT has tried to mull over and the current proposal at hand is to have the affiliates extend support to any individuals or groups beyond their envelope. 
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Hello Winnie

I would like a clarification

Given that this year, scholarships are only open to Affiliates, and given that only 12 Affiliates actually submitted requests, where can the actual individuals that will participate to Wikimania ask for support ?
I do understand the point of tasking the affiliates to deal with scholarship requests rather than having to deal with them at the Wikimedia Foundation level.
But in the end... 12 Affiliates will possibly cover the needs of their own members.

What about the several hundreds of participants that are not members of one of those 12 affiliates ? And who have no choice to turn to ?

Did I miss something entirely ?


Le 14/06/2021 à 20:12, Winnie kabintie a écrit :

Hello Hello!

We are pleased with the program submissions, for Wikimania 2021, that have come through so far and even the planning discussions we’ve seen going on in various groups.  

SUBMISSION PROPOSALS DEADLINE APPROACHING: The deadline to submit your proposals is approaching rapidly, Friday, 18th June, 12am PST and we would not like to see anyone locked out. Please make sure you submit your session proposals for the first ever virtual Wikimania.

Office Hours

Thank you to everyone who has joined the Submission Office Hours we’ve had last week. We have one more this week on 15th June at 12:00 UTC. More Office Hours around Wikimania 2021 will become available soon… Stay tuned. 

Scholarships Program Now Open

As announced last week, the scholarship program is now open until 30th July. This year, scholarships will only be issued to Affiliates, who will then distribute to their respective community members.

Read More about the Scholarship Program for Wikimania 2021 (

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Winnie Kabintie (User:Ms_Kabintie), on behalf of the Wikimania 2021 Core Organizing Team.

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