Thanks for clarifying, Manuel. I hope that you'll be able to keep us updated through the process, and not just when it finalizes. (i.e. what steps are planned, etc). 

I'm confident that notes are being processed though, so I should be patient! 


2016-06-28 9:38 GMT+02:00 Manuel Schneider <>:
Hi Gnangarra,

On 28.06.2016 03:04, Gnangarra wrote:
> Great idea, also send one to the WMF if you want wikimania to continue
> beyond Montreal, because if you start fighting for it now there wont be
> one in 2018 to bring the whole of our community together, there wont be
> the opportunity for other to experience the global sharing of knowledge
> that you just experienced

I am sorry to see that there is the impression there won't be a
Wikimania beyond 2017.
As a member of the Wikimania Comittee I can assure you that we are
working on identifying a host for 2018 right now.

There has been a community survey whether Wikimania should only happen
every two years, but as was clarified during the "Future of Wikimania"
session this is not going to happen.
Nevertheless, there was never the intention that Wikimania 2017 would be
the last one.

Hope this helps clearing up things,
all the best,

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