This is not my first email about this issue, but I really think it's really important. Wikimania is the highest expense for our movement. From the conference production cost, WMF scholarships, chapter scholarships and WMF and chapters delegations - amounts that is almost one million dollar, if not more.

Wikimania 2012-2013 budgets were been published but still consider as "draft":

If the conference organization leader can be please approve this numbers and remove the draft template - it will be great.

WMCH, Affcom, WMAR and WMDE are welcome to complete their information regarding their delegations and scholarships given by them.

For 2014 - we don't have any data. Not conference budget, not scholarships and not chapters numbers. Edward - your help will be welcome. 
I personally asked my ED to complete the information for WMIL, and I welcome others to do so as well. 

Ellie and the Wikimania committee - there is something we can do in order to take care for this pages to be update yearly? 

Thank you everyone!

Itzik Edri
Chairperson, Wikimedia Israel
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