Actually from South America, all flights I see (and believe me, I took that route several times, being the last one in January this year) goes by Madrid, Lisbon or Roma, and the cheapest one to / from Brasil, goes to Barcelona.
Béria Lima

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On 27 August 2012 20:57, Thomas Dalton <> wrote:
On 28 August 2012 00:41, Béria Lima <> wrote:
>> As for costs we need to remember that for many if not most travel will be
>> the largest part of the bill, and when you include the cost of getting there
>> London becomes one of our cheapest potential venues
> Lets remember that London isn't alone in that. If the Wikimania is Europe -
> does not mind if is in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy Germany, Poland or the
> european part of Russia - the travel cost will be as cheap for other
> European residents.

However, for people attending from outside Europe, London is a lot
cheaper than most places to get to due to being a major hub. To get to
a lot of places in Europe from outside Europe, your cheapest route is
often to go via London. (Paris and Frankfurt are also major hubs, but
the other countries you mention would generally be more expensive to
get to.)

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