A huge thanks to the Wikimedia South Africa team + the WMF logistics & travel team + all the volunteers from around the world on the program committee and assisting in other capacities + all of the enthusiastic attendees - for making this a wonderful Wikimania. 

We got to experience the beautiful city of Cape Town and surrounds, which was for many attendees our first time in South Africa (or anywhere in Africa). We met new friends and people in the movement doing amazing work on the continent & beyond. We talked about editing the projects, about movement strategy, about next steps. We had a fun dance party... and I know that I, and many others, are newly inspired to work with the people I met to improve and strengthen our projects in and about Africa and the African diaspora. 

Thanks again to the organizers (especially to Douglas Scott for hosting us & running a week-long Wikimania and THEN leading (amazing) walking tours for two days, to Liam Wyatt for running program logistics and getting everything organized so that we could have a program, and to Ellie Young & her WMF team for running things smoothly behind the scenes) -- and to everyone who participated for making this such a great time. I encourage everyone, whether you attended or not, to watch some talks, get inspired to host local events and connect with the Wikimedians who presented their projects and initiatives, and edit about South Africa! 

greetings and wikilove from my last (alas) day in Capetown, 

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