Read the editorial section in the above link.  My opinion on the advetising was the same.  As a member of the team i dont minf addmitting that i only contributed a small amount near the end of the planning and all offsite, and acknowledge that a lot of work goes into this BUT.
I AGREE it needs to be better.  The only stream i could access was the AD supported stream and even that was poor.  For next year i think this needs to improve.  I propose that we have .ogg and .rm feeds live in a Java player that can be accessed by ALL users with no ads.  Also archives should be up within the hour or less.  Considering the Wikipedia community is pretty much online based online contribution is a major factor in any of our events and it needs to get better.
Therefore as soon as the result is announced (which is when?? i digress!!) we start serious work on this on the mailing list and not leave it to the last minute.  IMO we need to do doubly well next year to make up for this year.
As part of this i propose that we start forming a team of people who are willing to work on the online side of Wikimania 08 now in preparation for next year.  Also i think online provisions should be considered in bids, maybe only as a minor point but i think it should be thought about.
Overall next year i dont want to be reading the same but i think ive said enough.  If anyone thinks differently or the same then say.  Lets all help to change it next year.