I'm sorry, guys, I think I'm guilty of not reading up properly on this - apparently the 40,000 is just for the bid? Clarification from someone at WMUK please?

I think surely that's an estimate on total cost that's been misquoted...


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To be honest I'm rather offended that the UK bid is being written off while it's still 2014. I agree with you, but London is far from the cheapest city in the world, as I'm sure you're aware - money will be required.


Who said it should be written off? I just think that if the bid is developed by a professional with a big budget,

That's not a good way to describe the situation. I was unaware which list we were talking on - assuming that it was the UK discussion list where people are aware of the setup we have.

rather than by actual Wikimedians, that's an indication that (as Tom Morton suggested) there isn't an active group of Wikimedians who support it.

Far from it; there are a lot of active Wikimedians deeply involved in the process. But, as noted, volunteers tend to flit around and miss deadlines :)

Ed, who is the guy involved, has put a lot of his own (volunteer) time in so far - he is reallyu into the process, and brings experience and contacts.

But this is really a little too specific for a public list. I'd welcome a discussion about bid budgets etc. but without reference to one (of several) entirely undecided budget idea.


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