I don't consider it a privilige to know it before, sorry :) There are /always/ people who know it first (the jury itself for one). I see it merely as an opportunity to do a good press release.

I disagree with you that PR is not important. Wikimania is a great opportunity to wake some people up for free licenses and what Wikimedia is all about, and I think we should not waste that, no matter who is officially the organizer.

Besides that, the local team is in all three cases (as I understand it) made up by chapter people who could use this release perhaps for promoting the chapter in their own country and the principles the chapter is enthousiastic about. The WMF is not able to tailor make a press release for thelocal press, to which this will be the most exciting news.

As I said, it is not ideal, but I believe that the better publicity might be worth the disadvantages of giving a few people a head start regarding information.

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2009/4/21 Wojciech PÍdzich <wpedzich@wp.pl>
effe iets anders pisze:

talking about journalists... it might be good to consider telling the local teams (or at least the winning team) some time in advance before making the decision public, to enable them to prepare a proper (joint) press release from the chapter and/or the wmf. I know this is not very ideal towards the community, but this might be an advantage to catch attention, and to reach out that way.

best, lodewijk

Against. That'd mean there are some priviledged people who should know (how will you define them?) and "the others". I also don't think that whoever gets word of the results will be able to keep his keyboard shut for long enough. Besides, it's the WMF who's organising the conference with the aid of the local team and local chapters (if available) the way I understand it. Don't shoot for PR, just try to make the best bid you can so that the conference runs smoothly, not with glamour.