I very much agree with Ed in both accounts: 1) video production requires a professional team 
2) Views were fairly high for the limited promotion and such put into sharing the videos. 

I think though our social media reach in 2014 was a lot better because we had a lot if volunteers working around communications. 


On Friday, 14 August 2015, Edward Saperia <edsaperia@gmail.com> wrote:

However, I would suggest looking hard at the stats on how often videos are viewed (and if there is a way to know if they are viewed all the way through or not).

For Wikimania 2014, the Youtube page and livestream show some stats (videos are also available in Commons so some views may not be captured in the former pages). On livestream, were videos were shared first, the most viewed video shows 2,359 views, it is not hard to find videos in the 100-500 view range, and others just have less than 20 views.

It's certainly a professional job to get all the session video produced and published in good time after the conference. No volunteer team could do this, it requires a LOT of equipment, professional expertise and hard work.

To me, the view numbers seem excellent - if you consider the conference in terms of price-per-attendee, spending <5% more so that additional hundreds can see the content is an order of magnitude better value.

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