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Wikimania serve as a bridge that connect beautiful people from different parts of the world to come together and share experiences, knowledge, culture, skills and many more which I can't wait to find myself among of them.
Hopefully one day one time I will be part of the of journey, also when the Wikimania will be hosted in Africa.

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For folks who are newer to Wikimania, one core principle we do have is to make sure the conference goes to different parts of the world, precisely because we have community members everywhere and we don't want it to always be an extra-long journey for the same people. Of course rotation by itself isn't enough: we also need a group or collaboration that is excited to host the conference, as well as a location that will work well for a global conference. But these factors together hopefully result in a Wikimania that moves around. We got some great expressions of interest for Wikimania, and I find it exciting that after the lull of the pandemic there is lots of interest in hosting Wikimania going forward from so many groups.  

I'd argue that based on that criteria ("a location that will work well for a global conference") unfortunately the only good place to ever do it is Europe (both for convenience of travel & because it's an international flying hub), and we'd probably all agree that's a very bad idea. However, out of 18 Wikimanias so far, most of them have been in Europe nevertheless.

This is not a critique to Wikimedia Polska -- I'm very happy for them and I have no doubt they deserve this, but there's a need to review the whole model with some type of community discussion that goes well beyond a session on Wikimania about the "Future of Wikimania", some discussions on a mailing list, and the steering committee. Maybe it's time to do a committee that focuses specifically on "re-imagining the future of Wikimania" that can focus on doing several needed things -- like analyzing all the reports, learnings & surveys from previous years, running a community survey, and actually advocating more time to run a community conversation on what things are important; including how the WMF can (or cannot) support this event. 

I'm saying this too because one can personally find some arguments compelling (i.e. sustainability) but then others in the movement might find other arguments more important, and it's always good to know that.

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